Stunt Coordination

Chris “Critter” Antonucci Stunt Coordinator


“His insight as a stunt coordinator expedited our project and saved production time and money.”

-Trey Parker, Director/Producer/Actor

“He’s so much fun to work with!  With all the challenges of creating a movie, he kept it light, creating a pleasant atmosphere. He tells you just the way it is.”

-Matt Stone, Producer/Actor

“Chris “Critter” Antonucci is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable stunt coordinators I have ever worked with. I have personally worked with him for over fifteen years. Together we have produced feature films, commercials and even Virtual Reality projects. Chris has a unique eye for detail and it makes him irreplaceable. He has worked for over three decades in the entertainment industry and along the way he has gained a profound understanding for how film and television shows are made. He consistently knows exactly how to achieve everything that the script calls for. In addition, I can always count on him for exciting new ideas. He loves his job and it shows. Throughout his long career, Chris has been honored to find himself working alongside of Hollywood’s best directors, actors and stunt professionals. He uses this vast network of contacts to his advantage. If the script has a difficult sequence, Chris always knows what expert to call to make it happen. Chris is creative and passionate. He is universally known for his professional attitude and his exceptional work ethic. Chris Antonucci is always the first person on set, and the last person to leave.”

– Sam Macaroni
Executive Producer/Director
The Walt Disney Company

“I’ve worked on multiple productions where we used Critter’s services for both rental and stunt work. He’s always at the top of my list when I need top notch stunt work. I couldn’t recommend any higher!”​

– Brittany Petros, Producer​


“Critter was the coordinator on my first stunt. It was an insane full body burn and he trained me and got me through it with flying colors. It was amazing and so was his guidence! I trust him like no other.”

– D.J. Markuson, Director / Producer​